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Converters Handling Made Easy

Rackmount may be one of the simplest looking product in LUMANTEK. However, it is the one product which can save you from all the cables and mess caused by multiple converter connections. Additionally, you only need 2 power inserts rather than using 1 power adapter for each converter.

New mounting brackets available

Now compatible with ez-SHV+, ez-HSV+ and ez-MD+.

Compatible with all LUMANTEK Converters

You can fill this rackmount with up to 10 converters. Install your converters ahead and simply carry them as a rack type device. All LUMANTEK converters fit right in.

Simple Installation

Use a clip and a screw to fix the converter into the rackmount. Very easy to install any LUMANTEK converters.

2 RU or 3 RU size

The size of the rackmount can be 2 RU or 3 RU depending on the size of the converters you install. But it will perfectly fit into your rack with other devices.

Dual Power Supply

Don't use 1 adaptor per each converter. LUMANTEK's rackmount will save you from the trouble. Use only 2 adaptors to power all 10 converters.

Input Ports

2 x 12v Power Input

Output Ports

10 x 12v Power Output

Carrying Converters

It is not a difficult thing, but it is always a trouble to carry multiple converters.
All the cables involved here and there mixed all over.
LUMANTEK's rackmount is one solution to the mess with the installation of converters.