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SDI Distribution 1 x 6

Small SDI Distributor

With its size of a mini converter, the BAT Distributor can take in 1 video source and multiply it by 6 output channels.
It functions with SD/HD/3G-SDI resolutions with 2 watts of power consumption.

1 to 6 Video Distribution

With BAT Distributor, you can multiply your video 6 times. This configuration is perfect when you need to send the same video signal to many monitors.

Re-Clocking and Amplification

Video signals going through BAT Distributor are amplified and sent out. Meaning, the signals can reach further cable distances from where the BAT Distributor is positioned.

Low Power Consumption

BAT Distributor operates with 2 watts of power making the maximum heat produced to be 50 degrees Celcius.
BAT Distributor [BAT-SD]

Input Ports

1 x SDI
BAT Distributor [BAT-SD]

Output Ports

6 x SDI

Easy Distribution

LUMANTEK's BAT Distributor is a converter sized distributor which provides great mobility to the user. Pretty simply designed, BAT Distributor will be a handy device to share your videos to many screens.