ez-Line Router VM16
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16 x 16 HD - SDI ROUTER

Router with Control

ez-Line Router VM16 is a 16 x 16 router supporting SD/HD/3G SDI signals.
Being able to send sharp and clear signals, the VM16 can be a splitter and a selector.

Control Device

ez-Line Router VM16 has a few ways to control. One of the controllers is the RCP unit. You can install this unit along with the router to distribute your 16 signals to appropriate ports.

Software Control

Another function that ez-Line Router VM16 provides is the ability to control through computer software. The user can connect the router to a PC using an Ethernet cable and control through a software.

SDK & API for your application

If you need to modify the control to your needs, then LUMANTEK will provide SDK & API for you. Create your own commands to control ez-Line VM16.
ez-Line Router [VM16]

Input Ports

16 x SDI

1 x SDI (Reference)
2 x RS422 (Control)
ez-Line Router [VM16]

Output Ports

16 x SDI

Sending the Signals

If you have to send video signals to different monitors or screens, then LUMANTEK's ez-Line Router VM16 is your perfect option. One great thing about it is that controlling this device can be very easy because the only thing you need is an Ethernet cable connected to your PC (or RCP) far from the router. We can also provide SDK & API for your own application.