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HD Radio Signal Generator
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HD Radio vector signal generator replicating various HD Radio service modes and configurations.

HD Radio Signal Generator with HD Radio certified files

Loaded into Weiver Player 2.0 Hardware, HD Radio Vector Signal Generator replicates various HD Radio service modes and configurations. It comes with an Ultra-fast SSD for testing storage. LUMANTEK's HD Radio vector signal generator is a certified instrument by iBiquity Digital, the licensor of HD Radio Technology.

300 HD Radio Vector Files

Expression of 300 Vector files in Spectrum Masks. (AM 87 files / FM 213 files)

API & Command

HD Radio Signal Generator comes with hundreds of data packets and commands.

Certified by HD Radio

300 Vector Libraries certified by iBiquity Digital Corporation.

Perfect for Engineers

HD Radio through Weiver Player 2.0 is a versatile signal source for engineers designing and developing new analog / digital AM and FM HD Radio products. Designed with simplified user interface, this product can be a handy tool for R&D testing.