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Ventus 2.0
Overview Tech Specs
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Signal Generator USB 2.0

Ventus 2.0 is a portable multi-standard signal generator operating with USB 2.0. It supports all common terrestrial broadcasting to satellite signals. Changing from one modulation to another is very easy with T-PUMP, included software.

30 MHz to 2.5 GHz

Ventus 2.0 can send out signals to frequencies ranging from 30 MHz to 2.5 GHz.

Multi Standard DTV/DAB Modulations

Many modulations are available to play. Lists are: ATSC, DVB-T/H, DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DTMB, DAB/DAB+/T-DMB, ISDB-T/B, Open Cable, CMMB, ATSC MDTV, DAB+/DMB Muxer.

Power Amplifier & Attenuator

Basic Ventus 2.0 comes with a fixed signal power of -20dBm. By adding the attenuator, you can extend the power from -110dBm to +7dBm.

Sturdy Efficient Design

Ventus 2.0 has a fanless heat dissipating design. It has great mobility and compact design
Ventus 2.0

Input Ports

TS Stream:
1 x ASI

1 x USB 2.0
Ventus 2.0

Output Ports

TS Stream:
1 x ASI
1 x RF

Many Modulations in One

It is difficult to find modulation signals from different parts of the world to test your RF products. LUMANTEK's Ventus 2.0 brings a easy solution to your needs. Play any TS file in commonly used modulations with a click of a mouse.