ez-Pro VS10+
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More Switcher for Everyone!

Again, LUMANTEK gives you another switcher good for live events but with more ports than before. More screens to monitor in a single switcher with a larger touch screen to control.

User-Friendly LCD touch Screen

Our LCD touch screen and buttons make this switcher user-friendly.
You can learn fast, and it is easy to control both video and sound.

Internal Scalers

ez-Pro VS10+ comes with internal scalers in all input ports.

Personalize your Multiview Layout

You can choose from many layouts to show the multiview screen. You can move them as you want and name as you want.

Twice the Basic Features

ez-Pro VS10+ has 2 Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities, 1 Still Image which covers the whole screen, and Luma and Chroma Keyer.

Any ports are Fill & Key

Select any SDI input ports to be your Fill & Key.
ez-Pro VS10+

Input Ports

8 x SDI
2 x HDMI

1 pair x XLR
ez-Pro VS10+

Output Ports

2 x SDI (AUX 1 & 2)
1 x SDI (Clean)
1 x SDI (Preview)
2 x SDI (Program)
1 x HDMI (Program)
1 x HDMI (Multiview)

1 pair x XLR

Extended channels

After the development of ez-Pro VS4, user feedback has been gathered from around the world. Good things and bad things were thought to apply to our next product. ez-Pro VS10+ is the result of such ideas.