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A Moment with Digital Effects

Camocamo is a real-time face recognition digital signage solution.
You can insert lots of graphic effects over the live video. Add images to your faces, put fun backgrounds behind you, bring your friend in too! Share your photo online!











Face Recognition & Graphics

Camocamo can detect faces captured in the camera and immediately add the effects selected from the menu over the faces. You can choose from lots of options created to apply over.

1080p60 Resolution

Have fun in Full HD (1080p60). Great resolution + Cool effects = More Fun!

Use USB Webcam & SDI Camera

Webcam or SDI camera works with Camocamo making the program to be more easy to use.

Fun is Attractive

Camocamo is LUMANTEK's software product for digital signage at events and venues where people gather. If you want to give your clients a moment to have fun, then Camocamo can do that.